Why were the Dursleys so mean to Harry Potter?

If you have any sence at all, you have probbly read or watched the world famous Harry Potter books written by J.K Rowling, and you most likely pitty the orphan Harry potter, because he was always being abused my his mean aunt, uncle and cousin. But have you ever stopped to think about why they were so cruel ? Was it just their rude nature or was it something elss, someone elsses fault. Recenty, one of my friends said, “Hey Sydney, what if Harry potter was the resson why the Durslys were so mean!” I asked her to exsplain and she said that I should google it.

So I did. And heres my lodgic of why Harry Potter was the reson he was treated so badly by the Dursleys.

So in the 7th book, (Last battle of Hogwarts,) it is reveled to us that Harry potter is a Horcrux, (A Horcrux is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality.) Before that, still in the 7th book, ( Really great book by the way,) Ron, who is wearing the locket at the time, is shown as mean, unforgiving, and even abusive. This is, until the locket it removed from his neck ,once it is off and out of the perimeter, he go’s back to normal Ron. This is proof, Horcruxes can make a person mean, unforgiving and cruel to others, including the horcrux themselves. So could it be possible, just by a chance, that because Harry Potter is a horcrux of Voldamort,( Who as you may know if not a great person,) the Dursleys are somehow effected by Harry’s inner dark side. This could also be the reson Harry, Ron and Hermione often got into fights. I can asume though, Ron and Hermione could by some stange force, not be effected by the power of the Horcrux, but ocationly falling victum of to the dark magic.

So I kmow that I am totaly overthinking this and that this is such a strange blog post, but hey, you never know. Bye Bye for now, Sydney.

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