Heaven at school

Picture sitting on the school bus, driving to school. And you are smiling, larger than the Grand canyon times two. It’s Friday but your not smiling because it’s almost the weekend, ( Fine, I lied maybe just a little, but it’s the weekend, come on can you get much better than that? ) Your mostly smiling because your HEADING to school, ( Oh and by the way, your not a nerd or a geek or a crazy person, though you most likely would not admit that if you were ! ) You look around and anyone ells in your class is smiling just the same. ┬áIt’s Friday really, what gets better than that?

You arrive at school as the bell makes that ear splitting sound and you race inside, toss your things to the ground and thrust your homework to your overwhelmed teacher, ( Because everyone in the class is doing the same.) Then you fling yourself onto the carpet peering up at the teachers desk awaiting instructions! Then as the teacher sets the messy stack of homework papers on her desk and began to speak the class fell deadly silent. ” Here is your Friday checklist, #1: Blogging challenge #2: Weekly reflection #3 Work on uncompleted math and spelling pages. Now get to work ” After you complete that you really start to happy.

You walk to your enrichment ( A class that you can pick like art, music or relaxation), then lunch and then recces. You come back and you get right to your Genius project, ( Which is a craft project or a research project you choose that you can only work on, on Fridays. ) You get your robot out or the beading stuff and start to saw some wood for your photo frame. Then that bell rings to say that you must go back to reality, see again in a week heaven!

This is a real true normal Friday for me and my classmates! Please comment down below the things you do on fridays for fun! This is sadly 1 of the last blogging challenge but I hope people can keep commenting. This is my Show of best post for week 9 ! Have a great day!

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