Tech explosion!

At my school we are most certainly NOT short on technology, especially in my classroom ! First of all, every class in the school comes up with a  class name, and my classes name is THE TECH KIDS. ( See my blog URL, hint look up on the screen) So my class is just destined to have a A TON OF IT!!! Though most of the classes in my school have 1 Ipad  and about 12 laptops and 1 desktop, my classroom of 44 children, has a LOT more.

My school, Mallets bay school, is separated into 4 houses, ( Think hallways of classrooms) and each house has a cart of Chrome books that each hold about 20. And my class is the class who keeps our houses cart safe when it’s not being used, So that’s already about 20 devices. Then of course, there must be more, to be exact 12 more belong to one of my teachers, ( I have two since they co-teach).  After that you consider the desktops we have, of course two teachers = two classrooms = 2 desktops and the smart boards that hook up to them! Now the other teacher has 10 mini Chrome books, cool right. Now I will TRY to tell you about the Apple devices we have

Apple stuff, now where do I start? Well, how about the 6 Ipad’s, yeah, that’s a good start! If you don’t know what an Ipod is than pay CLOSE  Attention!!! Think of an Iphone, you know those way over priced phones? Yeah that’s it! Think of one of them and subtract the ability to make phone calls. Also take away cell service, and some of the other features, but you have got the gist.  In my classroom, we have about 5 of them, but a few are missing, but there sure to turn up soon!

Now there is one thing left to tell you about and I want you to try to guess, Then I will tell you if you’re wrong or right!

  • It’s super cool
  • It costs a lot of $
  • 3D
  • It makes things ” Out of thin air “
  • Something like it is called a 3D pen

Now try to guess what it is, comment down below about what you think it is.  I hope you have enjoyed this very long intro to my classrooms tech.

Have a wonderful day!




6 thoughts on “Tech explosion!

  1. Hey Sydney, it’s me Ashlyn and it is obviously a 3D printer. There are trillions of tech things in my state.

  2. Hi Sydney,
    I think it is so cool, how classes can come up with names for themselves! My year level has one MacBook Air per person, which is really cool. When you get to middle school (Year 7), you get your own laptop, to hire or to keep. I really like how you went into a lot of detail and put lots of effort into this post. Maybe add an image of video next time.
    What is a Chrome Book?
    What is a Smart Board?
    I think the last tech item might be a 3D printer!
    Please try to visit my blog:


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