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It’s at the start of the blogging challenge and I want to make sure you know how to comment properly. The first thing is to leave hard facts relating to the post or page that you are commenting on. The second thing is that you should stay nice and also positive when commenting to ensure the writer will WANT to write back to you and comment on your blog. If you are in the blogging challenge, or just simply have a blog, make sure the leave your blog URL so the writer can comment and reply to your posts and see your blog. To comment on a blog, ( And it WILL vary from theme to theme) is to select the comment button, most of the time at the bottom of the post or page, and just start typing your nice, kind and fact filled comment, and once your done you should simply, press the send comment button, then you have made a nice, kind, and fact filled comment, that also has your blogs URL to send to the writer of the post or page.  Have fun commenting properly on writers blogs, they may even comment on yours, and then you soon you might even have a blogger pen pal, have fun!!!

One thought on “How to comment properly / Guidelines for commenting

  1. Sydney

    As you have this section on commenting it seemed to be the place to reply to your Gaia comment.

    Thanks for your interesting comment. I dont think you are alone in having a fairly neutral view of Gaia. There are scientists who believe in Gaia and those who don’t and there are people like me and maybe you who who feel they are not in a position to make a judgement at the present time.

    I think that it amazing how global temperature, ocean salinity, oxygen in the atmosphere have for millions of years remained almost constant and in doing so supported life on the planet. Reducing oxygen levels by 15% would end most life on the planet, increasing temperatures from an average of 15 to 40 degrees C would also extinguish life. So there must be something happening.
    Maybe its a complicated set of feedback loops.

    This is why I call it the Gaia Hypothesis. A hypothesis is basically an idea that is looking for proof. If it finds it it becomes a theory.

    Thanks for reading the blog and making a comment.

    Mike (Farmer)

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