The books that I have read!

Okay so this is going to be literly be a bullet list and I will give a short discription and if you want a longer discription, I advise you to ask in the comments below, 0kay lets het on with list!

  • Harry potter, (Okay anyone supprised here/) It’s about a boy Harry who with his 2 best friends, go through 7 magic filled years at a magic school called Hogwarts. They face many challenges that lead up to the dark lord rising, the one who killed harrys parrents, the he must try to defeat him again, will he win, or will he take his final breath. You can find a copy of the book here:
  • Ramona and Beazus. This book series is really a great book for all ages, but I personly think that it is a great book for ages 9 to like 13. Ramona Quimby is a plucky youngster with an great sense of fun and mischief — a fact that keeps her big sister, Beezus, on her toes and quite frankly, anyoned. Ramona’s huge imagination and boundless energy serve her well when the two girls must band together help save their family’s home on Klickitat Street. You can find a copy of the first book at:
  • The war that saved my life. This is a book I read for school, but ended up loving it, to death! I don’t really know how to do a disription so if you want to check it out, you can find it at:

So yeah this if my top 3 list of books I LOVE. Keep in mind that everyone has their own opions, this just happens to be mine! Comment down below your blog URL and I will come and vist your blog, bye bye.

Why were the Dursleys so mean to Harry Potter?

If you have any sence at all, you have probbly read or watched the world famous Harry Potter books written by J.K Rowling, and you most likely pitty the orphan Harry potter, because he was always being abused my his mean aunt, uncle and cousin. But have you ever stopped to think about why they were so cruel ? Was it just their rude nature or was it something elss, someone elsses fault. Recenty, one of my friends said, “Hey Sydney, what if Harry potter was the resson why the Durslys were so mean!” I asked her to exsplain and she said that I should google it.

So I did. And heres my lodgic of why Harry Potter was the reson he was treated so badly by the Dursleys.

So in the 7th book, (Last battle of Hogwarts,) it is reveled to us that Harry potter is a Horcrux, (A Horcrux is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality.) Before that, still in the 7th book, ( Really great book by the way,) Ron, who is wearing the locket at the time, is shown as mean, unforgiving, and even abusive. This is, until the locket it removed from his neck ,once it is off and out of the perimeter, he go’s back to normal Ron. This is proof, Horcruxes can make a person mean, unforgiving and cruel to others, including the horcrux themselves. So could it be possible, just by a chance, that because Harry Potter is a horcrux of Voldamort,( Who as you may know if not a great person,) the Dursleys are somehow effected by Harry’s inner dark side. This could also be the reson Harry, Ron and Hermione often got into fights. I can asume though, Ron and Hermione could by some stange force, not be effected by the power of the Horcrux, but ocationly falling victum of to the dark magic.

So I kmow that I am totaly overthinking this and that this is such a strange blog post, but hey, you never know. Bye Bye for now, Sydney.

Hermione Granger, (Character review )!

Okay, so I have already made a character review for Harry potter, the main charecter for the Harry potter books, so now I’m here to do another review on Hermione Granger, Harry potter and Ronald Weasley’s brainy female friend, Hermione Granger! In this post I will be talking about her personality through the years and also who her friends and family are, as well as here background story!

I think I see fit in starting with her background. Hermione Granger was born to 100% muggle parents. Muggle is the word the writer of Harry potter, J.K Rowling made up to mean non magical people. So lived a fully, “Normal childhood until her 11th birthday, and on which she got her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Then there, she met her two male best friends, Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter, and they had many, many, fun adventures together.

When Hermione first entered Hogwarts as a first year, she was a very brainy, rule following kid who would have liked nothing better to have a teacher say, ” Anyone besides Hermione? ” Her second year she was willing to bend the rules ever so slimly. The third and forth year she became a stronger, (prettier to be honest, ) more independent Character. She kept growing stronger and stronger and more in depth about her values. Even though she did grow as a character, she still did remain her brainy, geeky self when we heard her say that she was carrying around many heavy books in the 7th book. So overall she was an amazing transformation of a character that is hard to find elsewhere.

Lastly, Hermione friends and family. Her two best friends are Harry potter and Ronald Weasley, and her parents are both muggle dentists whom only want the best for there little girl. Hermione is never brought to the understanding to have any siblings what so ever. We find out ow much her family means to her she is forced to wipe her parents memory with the Oblivate spell in the 7th book and she  is seen in a way that makes it seem as if she is loosing everything that means anything to her, and in a way, she is. This makes her a very strong character.

So overall, she is basically one of my favorite characters in the Harry potter book and movie series. I really hope your read them because they are just so amazing. Bye bye for now, -Sydney




Harry Potter, (Character review )!

Okay, so most people know who Harry Potter is, because lets by honest here, he is AMAZING! So on that note, I will now be doing a sort of review on like who he is, a basic understanding of his history and who his friends are SPOILER ALERT :

First of Harry potter is an orphan, and has to live with his mean and quite frankly rude aunt and uncle and cousin. He gets his letter from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and then attends. There he meets his 2 besets friends, Ron Weasley, (See a following post) And Hermione Granger, (See a following post)! He go’s on many adventures until his seventh and final year of Hogwarts comes around. He most then fight of a very powerful wizard called Voldemort, or to people whom fear him most, You know who.

Any way he is a great main character and he is often  put aside by adults, but I would still recommend the books to any adult looking for a great book series to read. I will be making following posts on all of the characters of Harry potter and don’t forget to read about him in his first book, Harry Potter And the philosophers stone, ( It’s called another name in America)! Bye bye!

My Favorite books!

Okay so if you like Harry Potter, keep reading, if you don’t, get off my blog right now your a disgrace to the world. (Just kidding, but really, Harry Potter is the best!) So I have a few questions for any of my readers. First off, do you like Harry potter? Hermione Granger? Ron weasly? Have you read the books or just the movies? Which book is your favorite? I really like hearing answers to these questions and I ask my friends these ALL, the time! Can’t wait to hear your answers! Bye bye!

Lily the Critic

I asked my friend lily to help me out for week 10’s blogging challenge, and she was happy to go into full Lilly critic mode. If you agree or disagree with her comments, please comment down below on my blog or lily’s. Her blog is

First off I want to do my audit for the blogging challenge.

  • I wrote 11 posts including this one and 7 of them were for the blogging challenge.
  • I got about 15 comments which is not bad
  • The post I got the most comments was………. Tech explosion, why do you think this happened?
  • I did not change my theme at all because I loved it from day one and got tons of comments from people who loved it
  • I got about 3 kids from other classrooms around the globe, but they commented a LOT\

Now for the most important thing, Lilly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When  I talked to her she said that she really liked the colors and the theme and that is was fun but NOT distracting like other peoples in our class. She loved how my sidebar was set up, but thought I needed to get rid of the categories and meta, and I agreed! She liked how I had just enough words to get all my points across, so not to many, but not to few that I said ” Hi , Bye ”  She suggested that I add more links to my posts, so that’s what I’m doing in this post! After all that she added  I had plenty of photos in the post for the blogging challenge, but almost none for the ones I just wrote for fun. She pointed out that I didn’t have a cluster map or flag counter, then she helped me get one, she’s so nice! Lily also LOVED my about my page also said she really thought it stayed true to me! That’s all she had to say and for me I think that that I really improved my overall blogging skills. I will keep posting, but not as often. I’m going to miss the blogging challenge, until March, see you later Miss. W

Have a great day and wonderful holidays, from Sydney, in Vermont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW SYDNEY, EPIC EXIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMILEY FACE GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heaven at school

Picture sitting on the school bus, driving to school. And you are smiling, larger than the Grand canyon times two. It’s Friday but your not smiling because it’s almost the weekend, ( Fine, I lied maybe just a little, but it’s the weekend, come on can you get much better than that? ) Your mostly smiling because your HEADING to school, ( Oh and by the way, your not a nerd or a geek or a crazy person, though you most likely would not admit that if you were ! ) You look around and anyone ells in your class is smiling just the same.  It’s Friday really, what gets better than that?

You arrive at school as the bell makes that ear splitting sound and you race inside, toss your things to the ground and thrust your homework to your overwhelmed teacher, ( Because everyone in the class is doing the same.) Then you fling yourself onto the carpet peering up at the teachers desk awaiting instructions! Then as the teacher sets the messy stack of homework papers on her desk and began to speak the class fell deadly silent. ” Here is your Friday checklist, #1: Blogging challenge #2: Weekly reflection #3 Work on uncompleted math and spelling pages. Now get to work ” After you complete that you really start to happy.

You walk to your enrichment ( A class that you can pick like art, music or relaxation), then lunch and then recces. You come back and you get right to your Genius project, ( Which is a craft project or a research project you choose that you can only work on, on Fridays. ) You get your robot out or the beading stuff and start to saw some wood for your photo frame. Then that bell rings to say that you must go back to reality, see again in a week heaven!

This is a real true normal Friday for me and my classmates! Please comment down below the things you do on fridays for fun! This is sadly 1 of the last blogging challenge but I hope people can keep commenting. This is my Show of best post for week 9 ! Have a great day!

Tech explosion!

At my school we are most certainly NOT short on technology, especially in my classroom ! First of all, every class in the school comes up with a  class name, and my classes name is THE TECH KIDS. ( See my blog URL, hint look up on the screen) So my class is just destined to have a A TON OF IT!!! Though most of the classes in my school have 1 Ipad  and about 12 laptops and 1 desktop, my classroom of 44 children, has a LOT more.

My school, Mallets bay school, is separated into 4 houses, ( Think hallways of classrooms) and each house has a cart of Chrome books that each hold about 20. And my class is the class who keeps our houses cart safe when it’s not being used, So that’s already about 20 devices. Then of course, there must be more, to be exact 12 more belong to one of my teachers, ( I have two since they co-teach).  After that you consider the desktops we have, of course two teachers = two classrooms = 2 desktops and the smart boards that hook up to them! Now the other teacher has 10 mini Chrome books, cool right. Now I will TRY to tell you about the Apple devices we have

Apple stuff, now where do I start? Well, how about the 6 Ipad’s, yeah, that’s a good start! If you don’t know what an Ipod is than pay CLOSE  Attention!!! Think of an Iphone, you know those way over priced phones? Yeah that’s it! Think of one of them and subtract the ability to make phone calls. Also take away cell service, and some of the other features, but you have got the gist.  In my classroom, we have about 5 of them, but a few are missing, but there sure to turn up soon!

Now there is one thing left to tell you about and I want you to try to guess, Then I will tell you if you’re wrong or right!

  • It’s super cool
  • It costs a lot of $
  • 3D
  • It makes things ” Out of thin air “
  • Something like it is called a 3D pen

Now try to guess what it is, comment down below about what you think it is.  I hope you have enjoyed this very long intro to my classrooms tech.

Have a wonderful day!




Westley Vale Millennium Green - Acocks Green - pathCreative Commons License

Elliott Brown via Compfight

Sydney was walking on the path leading into the woods when she spotted a bunny skipping across the path and wemt to see it, the bunny vanished then Sydney was left lost and alone in the middle of the woods, she sits down and looks at the ground and tears fill her eyes, then she hears sticks cracking and she looks up ans sees………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


Please comment to complete the story and if you have a blog please leave your URL. This was a post for the blogging challenge. Have a great day!